Capturing crises swiftly, taking clear decisions under pressure and acting with determination. Preserving reflection and mental agility.

“Doing good
is a matter
of looking after the part
of yourself
which matters most,
namely your soul.”


Keeping calm, staying focused and mentally agile are essential features of successful crisis management. Resilience and Optimism are key drivers for these features.

Being ready to face the storm and to grow from challenges makes the mastering crisis manager. Managers cannot be prepared for all potential scenarios. But they can prepare themselves for adversity in general.

Frequently crisis hits managers unprepared. In these situations thorough reflection under (time) pressure, handling anxiety, impeding catastrophizing and actively tackling the challenge are critical.

In crisis management my role is to support managers and their teams in getting best prepared for the next crisis and extreme stress.

When crisis occurs, I support my clients in facing the storm upright. Focus will be on capturing the situation, staying solid, managing energy, seeking and taking advice and taking clear decisions.

Coaching and strategic advice are strong tools to strengthen managers and their organizations in critical situations and to support them to best perform under highest pressure.