Conflict Management

Identifying conflicts, listening and understanding subjective truths. Creating clarity and helping the involved persons to find solutions.

“A man who
preserves his integrity
no real,
long-lasting harm
can ever come.”


Conflicts are an ordinary part of human interaction. But if conflicts are not settled they can strongly impair the performance of individuals, groups and entire organizations.

Identifying complex conflicts, making these transparent and addressing them with great clarity is key for their constructive resolution.

Straightforward, clear and appreciative language is crucial. All the more if critical personnel measures like relocations or terminations might be required.

My role is to enable the exchange and understanding of subjective truths of the involved persons and to go into negative emotions.

This is the basis for productive and enduring solutions.

The goal is to rehabilitate a constructive collaboration of and to develop arrangements for the involved persons to find solutions for conflicts themselves in future.